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Vyva Entertainment is proud to announce a new initiative ‘The Gathering’  focussed on consultation and building a road-map to a 24 hour district in Blacktown.


Over the next 12 months, we will engage with First Nations communities, local stakeholders, creatives and businesses to gather information for developing a 24-hour district in Blacktown via In-depth consultation, community mapping and a series of assessments to create a roadmap for the precinct that is reflective of the community’s unique culture and identity.


The five year vision for Blacktown is to build upon its strong foundations to establish a culturally rich and diverse destination in Western Sydney, celebrating the talents of creatives, offering unique dining experiences, and providing culturally connected retail opportunities.


‘The Gathering’ aims to attract people from across Sydney to experience something special. Only 35 minutes and two stops away from Central Station we have hundreds of events, artists and collectives, from HipHop to the best Afghan and Filipino food, to the incredible work of Solid Ground, haunted ghost tours and films like Here Out West. 


The focus is to support the emergence of youth culture, local arts and music scene, whilst amplifying and connecting exciting offerings in the community. 


Blacktown boasts over 182 languages spoken, with residents from 188 countries, and home to over 10,000 First Nations Peoples, and is the 5th largest community across the nation, with over 400,000 people, moving to an estimated half a mil over the next 10 years 35min and 2 stops away from Central station

With a plethora of events, artists and collectives - From HipHop to the best Afghani and Filipino food, to the incredible work of Solid Ground, haunted ghost tours and films like Here Out West, ‘The Gathering’ will bring together communities and creatives to strengthen what exists and to work collaboratively towards expanding a thriving and exciting Blacktown city for all.

Project scheduled to kick off in October 2023.

For more informations or if you would like to get involved please register below and we will be in touch.

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